Why Physical Therapy?

Who could benefit from physical therapy?

Patients with:

  • Acute and chronic sprains, strains, bursitis, tendonitis
  • Balance dysfunction
  • Gait dysfunction or instability
  • Weakness
  • Osteoporosis and arthritis
  • Pain syndromes
  • Fracture and joint replacements

Is all Physical Therapy the same?

No. Physical therapy clinics are unique and different based on the types of patients seen, philosophies of the clinicians, and experience and skill level of the therapists. You can tell a lot about how therapy is delivered in a facility by how it is set up.

Education is what you receive in school. Wisdom and skill is what you acquire after school. All physical therapists receive a standardized physical therapy education in school to treat multiple diseases and areas of the body. But after school we develop areas of expertise and skills in areas of special interest. Most therapists are generalists, but some specialize in pediatrics, geriatrics, hands, neurology, orthopedics, sports medicine, respiratory, cardiology, etc. Ask to see the curriculum vitae of your therapists if you want to learn more about a therapist's background.

How is Biosports different?

We believe what C.S. Lewis said in 1940, that "The magic is not in the medicine, but in the patient's body -- in the vis medicatrix nature, the recuperative or self-corrective energy of nature. What the treatment does is to stimulate natural functions or to remove what hinders them."

Because we are experts in structural and functional biomechanics, we analyze functional movements and structural biomechanics that can be the cause of the patient's pain. Soft tissue tightness, restrictions in range of motion, muscle weakness, poor balance and structural abnormalities can cause compensations in functional movements which can eventually lead to pain. By treating the causes as well as the symptoms, we believe we have the best opportunity to normalize movement patterns, enhance healing and prevent the reoccurrence of pain.


Biosports has therapists:

  • With advanced Master's degrees in Physical Therapy
  • Who have advanced degrees in sports medicine such as Athletic Trainers
  • Who are national instructors in biomechanics, gait, orthotics, and function
  • With advanced clinical certification in orthopaedics by the APTA (Orthopaedic Clinical Specialists - O.C.S.)
  • Who have written and/or assisted in the publication of books, chapters, and articles on gait, function, and functional testing.