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Sports Biomechanics

Our clinicians have advanced clinical training, experience, and knowledge in a wide area of sports and the movement and mechanics of those sports. It is not unusual to include a video analysis of the individual participating in their particular sport as part of the evaluation or treatment. Whether you are a runner or thrower, walker or golfer, we all have different body types and movement patterns. We understand gait, movement, the biomechanics of your sport, how you are designed to move, and what strategies you use to compensate.

Our athletic trainers have Master's degrees and/or certifications in athletic training by the National Athletic Trainers Association (i.e. NATA) and thousands of hours in evaluating, treating and rehabilitating athletes in all sports at all levels (i.e. amateur to professional, youth to elderly). They have the skills to tape, brace, and protect your body so that you optimize your performance. Check their biographies for areas of special interest.

The therapists have developed advanced clinical expertise in sports biomechanics through post-graduate clinical education, advanced course work, and personal experience. All our therapists have a passion for physical activity and remain physically active in recreational sports.