The Biosports Clinic

Biosports has the most contemporary, comprehensive, progressive physical therapy clinic in the valley. We have a large, wide open 3000 sq ft gym with 30 foot ceilings, where we have tried to create an environment that promotes wellness.

The facility includes equipment such as:

  • HydroWorx aquatic therapy pool
  • Upper and lower extremity aerobic equipment such as the Versa Climber, Jacob’s Ladder, Concept II Rower, upper and lower extremity bicycles, LeMond Power Crank Bicycle, Stairmaster, and Quinton Medical Treadmill, Woodway Treadmill
  • Balance and proprioception equipment, such as gymnastic balls, BOSU balance and stability ball, body blades, trampolines, air disks, Airex pads, Reebok adjustable steps, BAPS boards, Cuff Link, Slide board, Fitter, Voo-Doo Balance Boards, and the Zone Balance Board.
  • Isotonic strengthening equipment, such as free weights, dumbbells, bar bells, single/double adjustable pulleys, Speed Pulley’s, leg press, Shuttle 2000, Shuttle MVP, and Gravitron.
  • Functional training environments for skiing, skating, running, cycling, tennis, golf, boxing, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, wrestling, soccer, cheerleading, and climbing
  • Plyometric equipment such as a 20′ x 30′ medicine ball wall, medicine balls, single and double handle medicine and rope balls, speed ladder, weighted vests, plyometric boxes, sport cords, and a resistance running trainer.
  • Spinal traction and unloading equipment.
  • Stretch Stations.
  • The Pro Wedge It adjustable foot platform system that enables us to create the optimal environment for balance training, exercise, and the fabrication of orthotics
  • Modalities, such as Interferential Current, Biofeedback, TENS, and ultrasound.
  • Motion guidance -a laser pointer rehab tool that adds visual feedback for motor control during exercise
  • The Game Ready Cryopressure cuff for reduction of swelling and pain with acute sprains of extremities.
  • Video analysis equipment of all sports, gait, and biomechanics.
  • Printed or Video home exercise programs
  • On-site laboratory with supplies to brace, tape, and splint limbs, and fabricate, modify, and adjust orthotics.